Strategic Communication Management Professionals (SCMP)

(listed alphabetically by first name)

Adrienne Ciletti, SCMP - Plano, TX
Alison Senti, SCMP - Canberra, AUS
Alex Malouf, SCMP - Dubai, UAE
Anthea Rowe, SCMP - London, ON
Bart Goemans, SCMP - Calgary, AB
Brad Whitworth, SCMP - Windsor, CA
Cameron Zimmer, SCMP - Saskatoon, SK
Cynthia Schmieg, SCMP - Waconia, MN
Deb Hileman, SCMP - Parker, CO
Diana Quinton, SCMP - St. John's, NL
Dina Baker, SCMP - Cambridge, MA
Ed Kamrin, SCMP - San Francisco, CA
Eric Michalko, SCMP - Calgary, AB
Genevieve Hilton, SCMP - Hong Kong
Ginger D. Homan, SCMP - Tulsa, OK
Jackie Sargent, SCMP - Edmonton, AB
Jo Detavernier, SCMP - New Braunfels, TX
Kate Van Hoevelaak, SCMP - Calgary, AB
Kathleen Bell, SCMP - Calgary, AB
Kelly Brossart, SCMP - Regina, SK
Kimberly George, SCMP - Hickory, NC
Larry Olton, SCMP - Trinidad & Tobago
Laura Barron, SCMP - St. John's, NL
Laura Dockstader, SCMP - London, ON
Maliha Aqeel, SCMP - Missasauga, ON
Michael Ambjorn, SCMP - Dusseldorf, Germany
Michael Nord, SCMP - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nancy Arab, SCMP - Calgary, AB
Nancy Harrity, SCMP - Alexandria, VA
Pam Burton, SCMP - Columbus, OH
Paul Omodt, SCMP - St. Louis Park, MN
Peter Flengeris, SCMP - Regina, SK
Robin McCasland, SCMP - Dallas, TX
Russell Evans, SCMP - Toronto, ON
Shannon Frederick, SCMP - Rogers, AR
Sharon Hunter, SCMP - Verdun, QC
Sheila Carruthers, SCMP - Calgary, AB
Sheri Somerville, SCMP - Quispamsis, NB
Susan Otten, SCMP - Minneapolis, MN
Tammy Nienaber, SCMP - Hopkins, MN
Terry Cerisoles, SCMP - Atlanta, GA
Theomary Karamanis, SCMP - Freeville, NY
Tracy Fox, SCMP - Calgary, AB
Victor Zalakos, SCMP, Canberra, AUS
Victoria Dew, SCMP - Watertown, MA

Communication Management Professionals (CMP)

(listed alphabetically by first name)

Adriane Tish, CMP - Jacksonville, FL
Alex Malouf, CMP - Dubai, UAE
Alison Abel, CMP - Calgary, AB
Alison Barton, CMP - Regina, SK
Amanda LeNeve, CMP - Edmonton, AB
Andrea Frascione, CMP - Montreal, QC
Andrea Legault, CMP - Calgary, AB
Andrew Kaszowski, CMP - London, ON
Andy Kubrin, CMP - Calgary, AB
Angela MacKenzie, CMP - Vancouver, BC
Ashley Houk, CMP - Concord, CA
Bart Goemans, CMP - Calgary, AB
Calvin Seaman, CMP - Calgary, AB
Carley Robertson, CMP - Calgary, AB
Carrie Tatsu, CMP - Chatham, ON
Celine Richter, CMP - Chesternere, AB
Charlene Callaghan, CMP - Ajax, ON
Chelsea Lewis, CMP - Grand Prairie, AB
Danelle Wettstein, CMP - Calgary, AB
Darby Semeniuk, CMP - Regina, SK
Deborah Hileman, CMP - Parker, CO
Diane Ell, CMP - Regina, SK
Dierdra Yates, CMP - St, Louis, MO
Eric Michalko, CMP - Calgary, AB
Eric Morin, CMP - St. Albert, AB
Erica Macioge, CMP - Austin, TX
Erica Simpson, CMP - Vancouver, BC
Fred DeVries, CMP - London, ON
Heather Johnson, CMP - Regina, SK
Heather Merry, CMP - Vancouver, BC
Heather Natal, CMP - Elgin, IL
Hilary Anaka, CMP - Edmonton, AB

Jacqueline Sargent, CMP - Edmonton, AB
Jacqueline Sullivan, CMP - London, ON
Jacqueline Wood, CMP - Vancouver, BC
Janelle Cannon, CMP - Regina, SK
Jennifer Sanford, CMP - Airdrie, AB
Jenny Spurr, CMP - Banff, AB
Jill Iverson, CMP - Airdrie, AB
Jonathan Tremblay, CMP - Regina, SK
Julia Perkins, CMP - Calgary, AB
Karen Barker, CMP - Ottawa, ON
Karen Madho, CMP - Woodbridge, ON
Kate Kerr, CMP - Calgary, AB
Katherine Fowler, CMP - Vancouver, BC
Kathy Thompson, CMP - Calgary, AB
Katrina Greco, CMP - Jacksonville, FL
Kent Anjo, CMP - Toronto, ON
Kieran Stuart Kobitz, CMP - Saskatoon, SK
Krista Davidson, CMP - Toronto, ON
Kristin Huybrecht, CMP - Calgary, AB
Kristine Dundas, CMP - Ilderton, ON
Lana Haight, CMP - Saskatoon, SK
Laurie Drukier, CMP - Cochrane, AB
Liisa Sheldrick, CMP - London, ON
M. Sue Settell, CMP - Lincoln, NE
Maria Driscoll, CMP - St. John's, NL
Maria Ganogiannis, CMP - Markham, ON
Maria Tkacheva, CMP, - Toronto, ON
Marilena Varano, CMP - Montreal, QC
Matthew Mason, CMP - Chicago, IL
Matthew Clarke, CMP - London, ON
Megan Clavelle, CMP - Calgary, AB
Megan Thorburn, CMP - St. Albert, AB
Megan Wolfinger, CMP - White City, SK
Melissa Roberts, CMP - Dallas, TX
Michael Bendel, CMP - Minneapolis, MN
Michael Martell, CMP - Toronto, ON
Michelle Spring, CMP - Spruce Grove, AB
Minas Hambardzumyan, CMP - Edmonton, AB
Monika Paquette, CMP - Brampton, ON

Nancy Arab, ABC, CMP - Calgary, AB
Natosha Lipinski, CMP - Regina, SK
Nekolina Lau, CMP - Calgary, AB
Nincy Mathew, CMP - Plano, TX
Owen Stockden, CMP - Calgary, AB
Priya Bates, ABC, MC, CMP - Toronto, ON
Quinn Newcomb, CMP - New Westminster, BC
Rachel Wong, CMP - Vancouver, BC
Rachelle Tedder, CMP - Edmonton, AB
Rajiv Arvind, CMP - Soborg, Denmark
Ramona Cruz-Peters, CMP - Round Rock, TX
Regan Halbert, CMP - Regina, SK
Renee Dunk, CMP - Montreal, QC
Romany Rzechowicz, CMP - Calgary, AB
Sandra Reid, CMP - Kent, OH
Sandra Russell, CMP - Colwood, BC
Sarah Kucharski, CMP - Airdrie, BC
Shannon Henderson, CMP - Port Coquitlam, BC
Shannon Listorti, CMP - Dallas, TX
Shannon Meraw, CMP - Falls Church, VA
Summer Effray, CMP - Kelowna, BC
Suzanna Cohen, ABC, CMP - Aurora, ON
Tanya Turner, CMP - Saskatoon, SK
Tracy Laschilier, CMP - Saskatoon, SK
Tricia Zinkowski, CMP - Saskatoon, SK
Trudy Bosch, CMP - Regina, SK
Veronique Loewen, CMP - Saskatoon, SK

Comments from our graduates:

‘This would be a great tool for anyone who wants to move to the next stage in their communication career. Certification is a signal that says “I’m ready for more. Bring it on.”’

‘The process of applying highlighted the need for continuous education and improvement as well as a variety of real-world expertise.’

‘The sooner one can achieve a CMP designation, the better – for you, for your employer, and for the industry.’