Strategic Communication Management Professionals (SCMP)

(listed alphabetically by first name)

Congratulations to the inaugural cohort of Strategic Communication Management Professionals!
Adrienne Ciletti, SCMP
Anthea Rowe, SCMP
Bart Goemans, SCMP
Brad Whitworth, SCMP
Deb Hileman, SCMP
Dina Baker, SCMP
Kimberly George, SCMP
Larry Olton, SCMP
Pam Burton, SCMP
Robin McCasland, SCMP
Terry Cerisoles, SCMP
Theomary Karamanis, SCMP
Victor Zalakos, SCMP

Communication Management Professionals (CMP)

(listed alphabetically by first name)

Adriane Tish, CMP
Alex Malouf, CMP
Amanda LeNeve, CMP
Andrew Kaszowski, CMP
Angela MacKenzie, CMP
Anthea Rowe, CMP
Ashley Houk, CMP
Ashley Purdy, CMP
Bart Goemans, CMP
Brad Whitworth, ABC, IABC Fellow, CMP
Calvin Seaman, CMP
Carley Robertson, CMP
Carrie Tatsu, CMP
Celine Richter, CMP
Charlene Callaghan, CMP
Dana Barnett, CMP
Deborah Hileman, CMP
Diane Ell, CMP
Dierdra Yates, CMP
Ed Kamrin, CMP
Eric Michalko, CMP
Erica Macioge, CMP
Fred DeVries, CMP
Heather Johnson, CMP
Heather Merry, CMP
Heather Natal, CMP

Jacqueline Sargent, CMP
Jacqueline Sullivan, CMP
Jacqueline Wood, CMP
Janelle Cannon, CMP
Jennifer Sanford, CMP
Jill Iverson, CMP
Jonathan Tremblay, CMP
Julia Perkins, CMP
Karen Barker, CMP
Karen Madho, CMP
Kate Kerr, CMP
Katherine Fowler, CMP
Kathy Thompson, CMP
Katrina Greco, CMP
Kent Anjo, CMP
Kristin Huybrecht, CMP
Kristine Dundas, CMP
Laurie Drukier, CMP
Liisa Sheldrick, CMP
Lisa Phillips, CMP
M. Sue Settell, CMP
Mardi Stewart, CMP
Maria Driscoll, CMP
Maria Tkacheva, CMP
Marilena Varano, CMP
Matthew Mason, CMP
Megan Wolfinger, CMP
Melissa Roberts, CMP
Michael Martell, CMP
Michelle Spring, CMP
Minas Hambardzumyan, CMP
Monika Paquette, CMP

Nancy Arab, ABC, CMP
Natosha Lipinski, CMP
Nekolina Lau, CMP
Nincy Mathew, CMP
Priya Bates, ABC, MC, CMP
Quinn Newcomb, CMP
Rachel Wong, CMP
Rachelle Tedder, CMP
Rajiv Arvind, CMP
Ramona Cruz-Peters, CMP
Regan Halbert, CMP
Romany Rzechowicz, CMP
Sandra Reid, CMP
Sandra Russell, CMP
Sarah Kucharski, CMP
Shannon Listorti, CMP
Shannon Meraw, CMP
Suzanna Cohen, ABC, CMP
Tanya Turner, CMP
Terry Cerisoles, CMP
Trudy Bosch, CMP
Victoria Dew, CMP

Comments from our graduates:

‘This would be a great tool for anyone who wants to move to the next stage in their communication career. Certification is a signal that says “I’m ready for more. Bring it on.”’

‘The process of applying highlighted the need for continuous education and improvement as well as a variety of real-world expertise.’

‘The sooner one can achieve a CMP designation, the better – for you, for your employer, and for the industry.’