Communication Management Professional (CMP) and Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) Certification Exam Dates
The GCCC aims to offer the certification exams globally in the next year. The following is a list of locations confirmed to date:

September 2018
9 September - Melbourne, VIC, Australia at APAC Regional Conference - Fusion 2018

13 September - Washington, D.C.
at the Ragan Leadership and Executive Communications Conference (learn more and save US$150 on your conference registration)

22 September - St. John's, NL, Canada

28 September - San Jose, CA at Ragan Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference: https://www.ragan.com/rd/Y18CJ0CA-GCCC (US$250 discount)

October 2018
5 October - Redmond, WA, USA
at Ragan Employee Comms, SM & PR Summit: https://www.ragan.com/rd/Y18CP0RW-GCCC (US$250 discount)

11 October - Bloomington, MN - Pacific Plains Region meeting

18 October - Las Vegas, NV at Ragan’s The Role of Communications in Creating Best Places to Work Conference 

20 October - Vancouver, BC, Canada

20 October - Calgary, AB, Canada

November 2018
1-2 November - Toronto, ON, Canada
at Global PR Summit Canada 3

10 November - Richmond, VA at Heritage Region Conference

February 2019

7 February - Long Beach, CA at IABC Leadership Institute

June 2019

9 June - Vancouver, BC at IABC World Conference