As a business communicator, professional certification can elevate your career and help keep your skills fresh and applicable. It provides a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. And it could help you land your next big opportunity or perform at a higher level in your current role.

You’ll just need to take three steps to earn and maintain your GCCC certification. Are you ready?

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Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some business communication professionals have said about why they’re choosing GCCC for their certification.

“I would recommend the CMP certification for anyone who is interested in challenging themselves, any who is looking to refresh or test their understanding and knowledge or increase the credibility of the corporate communication function in their organization.” – Carrie Dudley-Tatsu

“Lifelong learning is challenging but rewarding. You need to push yourself to try new things, think creatively and put yourself in different situations. The CMP helps ensure professional development and learning becomes part of your ongoing career planning.” – Kris Dundas

“CMP certification provides an excellent opportunity to further develop my skills, learn what areas I need to pay more attention to during my day-to-day work, and obtain independent verification of my experience.” – Heather Johnson

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