How You Can Maintain Your Certification

The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) defines a professional by their commitment to both keeping up to date with current practices and contributing to the body of knowledge and the development of other professionals. To maintain certification through the GCCC, you must commit to undertaking continuing professional development.   

Anyone who has been certified by the GCCC must demonstrate that any training or course of study they undertake to maintain their certification is relevant and appropriate. As a guide, the GCCC recognizes training programs or other courses of study that have been organized by either:

  • An accredited university or institution
  • A commercial organization recognized by International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)    

Additionally, adequate professional development consists of 40 total points earned in at least three of the following categories each calendar year:

  • Professional reading (books or journals)
  • Attendance at recognized training or a course of study related to communication
  • Attendance at professional events run by a recognized association
  • Contribution to the work of the GCCC (such as through monitoring or proctoring of exams, undertaking promotional speaking opportunities or helping draft or grade exams)
  • Development of the skills of another communicator through a formal teaching, coaching or mentoring program (excluding line management responsibilities)
  • Participation in a leadership role in a professional association in this field (e.g., serving as a board or committee member for a professional association)
  • Publication of original research   

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