Certification creates the standard of excellence

A guest post by Jennifer Rector, SCMP

The professional field of communication is tough. Each day, we are faced with difficult decisions, uncertain outcomes and many, many opinions. In an industry that is so subjective, how do we establish the definition of a professional? Most of us wouldn’t argue that the standard for an accountant is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Establishing the same standards for professional communicators moves our profession one step closer to being recognized as the high-value industry we know it to be.

I’ve been a communicator in every professional role I’ve held. With more than 14 years of experience in the business, I’m still shocked when I encounter people who question my expertise. Would we question a CPA about their balance sheet or argue with an engineer on the type of blueprint they used?

Most wouldn’t. But professional communicators fight these kinds of battles all the time. There just isn’t the same level of respect for the work as there is in other industries. Because most of us learned about foundational writing in secondary school and can use a mobile phone, we all believe we are capable of being a communicator.

Certification gives us the opportunity to step up our game on selling the value of professional communication.

I had considered accreditation several years ago, and ultimately, decided to put that idea on the shelf and pursue a master’s degree in communication and leadership instead. That was the right decision for me and gave me a significant amount of confidence in my development and skill set. But after crossing that milestone off my bucket list, the itch to continue challenging myself returned and I began to entertain the thought of certification through the establishment of the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC).

Being certified as a Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) was, for me, about mastering a global standard. It meant understanding the code of ethics and proving I know how to apply it to business and marketing plans.

Growing awareness about the value of certification means bringing true strategic communication professionals to the table across the globe… to be heard, respected and valued for the input they provide.

Yes, certification is about challenging yourself, but it’s also about challenging businesses to truly value professionals for the work they do and the standard of excellence they set.

Are you ready to be part of our standard? Learn more about the two levels of professional certification options the GCCC offers.