How I prepared for the CMP certification exam

A guest post by Akilah Dressekie, CMP

When I made the decision to write the Communication Management Professional (CMP) certification exam, I knew it would be a great way to put my years of experience to the test, while adding an important and credible designation to my resume. One of my professional goals is to move into a leadership role, and I felt this would be a good way to make sure that my skills and knowledge were on par with what I needed to be successful.

Getting prepared

Once I filled out the online application, I had to figure out just how and what to study for this exam.

I started by going through the Global Communication Certification Council’s (GCCC) Get Certified page and looking at the other steps I needed to take to get certified. I reviewed the GCCC’s Candidate Handbook, paying close attention to the CMP exam sample questions. I also re-acquainted myself with the IABC Global Standard, which would also be covered.

A quick Google search also led me to a really helpful article on an IABC chapter’s website with great information to help me prepare for the exam.

Finally, I reached out to some of my current and former colleagues and classmates to see if any of them had written the CMP exam and earned their certification. I didn’t have to look far—a co-worker was also scheduled to write the exam at the same time I would be. We were able to support each other and share resources in the weeks leading up to the exam.

Another key piece to the CMP journey is maintaining your certification, ensuring that you’re staying current with the practice and adhering on your commitment to ongoing professional development.

Exam day

While I was a bit nervous on the day of the exam (I’m not a huge fan of tests), I felt confident that I had done all I could to prepare myself, thanks to the great resources I was able to access. I was proud (and relieved) that I had passed, successfully earning my CMP credentials.

I’m proud of this achievement, especially conquering my discomfort with taking tests. I look forward to pursuing more professional development opportunities in the future.