The Global Communication Certification Council™(GCCC®) comprises a strong slate of officers representing the communication industry worldwide and serves as an autonomous governing body for the Global Communication Certification Program.

The Council’s purpose is to create and maintain an internationally recognized standard of communication excellence based on a global understanding of key principles and job competencies worldwide.

The Council aims to serve the communication profession by encouraging and executing a process of credentialing of communicators who achieve a global standard at different points of their career path.

2020-21 GCCC® Members

Brad Whitworth, ABC, SCMP®, IABC Fellow - Chair

Sia Papageorgiou FRSA, SCMP® - Vice Chair

Kimberly George, ABC, MBA, SCMP® - Past Chair

Melissa Arulappan

Jo Detavernier, SCMP®

Robert Jerome, Ph.D.

Yvonne Grinam Nicholson

Mark Evans, SCMP®
Benoit Laplante, SCMP®

Julie Ludwig, ABC, SCMP® -  IABC IEB Liaison
Information! The GCCC is independent of IABC. Its members represent the communication industry worldwide and come from a broad spectrum of organizations. The independent status reflects the GCCC’s understanding of the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, managing conflict of interest, and ensuring the objectivity of its certification activities. Membership in IABC is not a condition of Council membership or certification.