How to Maintain and Renew your Communication Certification

Congratulations on achieving your CMP® or SCMP®  certification! You are among the first communicators in our global profession to pioneer this initiative and open the trail for others to follow.

As part of your certification, you need to earn 40 points based on the chart below to meet an annual maintenance requirement and that you complete your annual maintenance by your certificate expiration date. However, you may submit your maintenance activities at anytime within the 12-month period.  Must acquire at least 40 points; No ONE category can account for more than 60% (24 points) of professional development activity.

The annual maintenance fee of US$100 is due when you submit your completed report using the online forms:

Submit CMP® renewal form & fee here.

Submit SCMP® renewal form & fee  here.

For PD point reference, review the chart below.

CMP / SCMP Certification Renewal Rubric

Information! The GCCC® is independent of IABC. Its members represent the communication industry worldwide and come from a broad spectrum of organizations. The independent status reflects the GCCC’s understanding of the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, managing conflict of interest, and ensuring the objectivity of its certification activities. Membership in IABC is not a condition of Council membership or certification.