About GCCC Certifications

GCCC currently offers two levels of certification:

Communication Management Professional (CMP® ) — For generalist, specialist and other business communicators established in their careers as managers and looking to demonstrate their competence. The CMP® is an ANSI-Accredited Personnel Certification Program - Accreditation #1259, proving the prestige and value of this certification on an international scale.

Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP® ) —For highly skilled business communicators practiced in providing strategic communication advice and counseling to an organization’s leadership.

For detailed information on the CMP® or SCMP® certification program, please see the handbook and application below:

GCCC Candidate Handbook

Apply Here

How to Maintain Certification

Certification is time-bound. A professional is, in the view of the GCCC® , defined by a commitment to keep up to date with current practice and to contribute to the body of knowledge and the development of other professionals. Renewing certification is contingent on a holder committing to and undertaking continuing professional development.

Certificate holders must demonstrate that any training or course of study undertaken is relevant and appropriate. As a guide, the GCCC® will favor training programs or other course of study that have been organized by:

  • An accredited university or institution OR
  • An internal training department OR
  • A commercial organization recognized by IABC

For additional information on maintaining your certification, please see one of the handbooks referenced above.

Fees for CMP® and SCMP® Certification

Fee Type IABC Member Status Cost (US$)
Application Members $100
Application Non-Members $400
Exam Fee (due upon registration) All $400
Annual Certification Maintenance Fee All $100

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for additional information.