What are the key steps communication professionals interested in certification should take?

Interested communicators should: Read the Candidate Handbook to ensure that they are able to meet the requirements for application. Check the GCCC website for upcoming exam dates. If they do not see a site accessible to them, they may wish to contact GCCC first for more information. Keep in mind new sites/dates are set regularly. Be prepared to describe their education, training and experience and provide the required supporting documentation. Apply to the certification program here. Having completed the application, upload it and pay the application fee.

For either application, what counts as "training"?

In the Candidate Handbook training is defined as: Training refers to skill-based courses offered by businesses, nonprofits, industry associations, colleges, universities, trade schools, or vocational schools. Training must have occurred within the two years prior to an application for certification. If education is recent, then it may qualify as both education and training.

The CMP® is accredited by ANSI. What does this mean?

Accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a prestigious achievement acknowledging the rigor, international applicability and standard of excellence inherently in the CMP®.

Is the GCCC exam available to take online?

We do not have the capability to deliver online exam administration, but the urgency has made it a topic in which the GCCC will delve further. Our policies will require updating and procedures put in place to host live, remote proctoring, as a live proctor is required by accreditation body. If you know of a site and someone to proctor, feel free to fill out an Application to Host on this website.

How would you explain the examination preparation need to an interested, potential CMP examination candidate? Are there particular communications reference books/articles that one should recommend candidates read as preparation? Are there ‘sample examination questions’ available for review before taking the examination? If so, how does one access those? Is it advisable to encourage to set up study groups?

The application is the first step in demonstrating the knowledge and experience required to successfully apply for and take the exam. The Job Task Analysis, contained in the Candidate Handbook, contains specific domains to focus on. There are sample questions available in the Candidate Handbook, which is available on the GCCC webpage. There is a study resources page within this website.

Are the certification examinations a pass/fail only or are grades given? Is this be the same for all examination levels?

All exams are a pass/fail. If a candidate fails the exam, they do receive feedback with their grade and the domains in which they were deficient. Successful candidates will not receive a detailed score.

In the event of an exam fail, is there any pathway for a review/resit? Do they pay again?

The exam result is reported as “pass” or “fail,” not with a percentage or numerical grade. Candidates who fail the exam will receive a report showing how they performed in each category to help them prepare to attempt the exam again. Candidates who fail the exam are eligible to retake it for an exam registration fee of US$100. Candidates who fail a second attempt must wait a minimum of six months before a third and final attempt. Candidates who fail may ask to have the result checked (this is called manual verification). This request must be received, along with required fees within 60 days of receipt of exam results.

Are all examinations be multiple choice only?

The certification exams are multiple choice, 100 questions each.

Will there be a discount for the application fee for SCMP if someone has already completed the CMP?

There is a small discount for current CMPs who are moving up to SCMP.

When will the SCMP® certification be ANSI accredited?

We will begin the application process for the SCMP®’s American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accreditation in 2021. The application, submission, and evaluation process take several months, and we do not currently have an estimate on when the application will be submitted for accreditation.

What is the pass mark?

The program and exam are designed to achieve a passing rate of 75%. Thus, the cut score for the exam is determined using the modified Angoff Method. This method employs a panel of subject matter experts to determine the difficulty level of the questions and the exam for each version of the test. If the experts deem the questions to be difficult the cut score would be higher. If difficult, the cut score could be lower. This is somewhat similar to professional golf tournaments and the cut score to continue in a tournament after the first two days. The number of participants, the condition of the course, the weather, and other variable factors are used to determine the cut score. The Council does not publicize the cut score as it is possible a different version of the exam will be developed on an annual basis.

Name, Address or Email Update/Change Notification to GCCC

If you are a current CMP or SCMP, please notify us of any status changes via notification form - see link in right hand menu.

Request for Reasonable Accommodation (for certification exam registrants)

GCCC® will make every reasonable effort to accommodate candidates’ special needs. Candidates must formally request accommodation 30 days before the exam application deadline in writing and must include official supporting documentation. Documentation must include a specific diagnosis by a qualified physician or psychologist. Supporting documentation may include records, reports, evaluations, assessments. That documentation must not be more than six months old for psychiatric and recent physical disabilities, five years old for long-term disabilities, or three years old for all other disabilities. To submit this form, please click the link on the right hand menu.

Request for Exam Cancellation

If you are registered to sit a CMP/SCMP exam more than 15 days from now, you can request for the exam to be canceled for valid reasons. To make this request, please use the link in the right hand menu.

Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form: Click Here

Name, Address, Email Change Notification to GCCC Form:  Click Here

Request for Exam Cancellation Form:  Click Here